Create Complex and Secure Password by Password Generator


A password is a secret word or string that is combined by different numbers, characters and symbols to enable electronic authorization of the user. Passwords are widespread with growing number of websites. These websites are mainly based on interaction of users who can participate in publishing their own contents or sometimes checking the confidential information. The website owner must have to know about those publishers are, to improve personal security and prevent spam. There are more important cases also, like internet banking, where you have to validate your user identity with a strong Password Generator to access the data and services.

During registration to a website a user has to fill at least two fields username and password. With this password user can later access the website and reauthorizes him, without time-consuming registration every time. That means if anyone figures out your password for your internet banking account he can get into your account and can easily transfer all money to his personal account. This is why passwords are so important. Almost every person simply chooses something very easy and simple to guess, for example pet’s name, favorite actor-actress name because they think they will forget the password, but on the other sideit simplifies the process for attacker to guess your password and access the private data comfortably. Now choice is yours a strong random password generator or an empty bank account?

dell_img4For security purposes on the internet we developed Exadime password generator, which generates totally complex, secure and random password. We do not use any base for passwords neither we do save IP so you can feel totally safe on this website.It is a very simple method to generate hardand secure passwords to use on various business systems, websites, or any other place where you may require a password. It permits you to choose various characteristics of a password. They are generated for you just for one command.

So friends, useExadime’s online Random Password generator to create a complex, secure, and random password. You can generate many different types of passwords like hexadecimal, numeric, alpha numericand can also add special characters for additional security. User can use these passwords for work or other general purposes also.



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